House Hunting

Yesterday, Thursday,  was Bahrain’s Friday.  The weekend here is Friday and Saturday, Friday being their holy day. When we told Cayden he would start school on Sunday, I could see the wheels turning in that little head trying to make sense of going to school on church day. Church is on Friday, the first day of the weekend.

Today’s house hunting quest was somewhat sobering – even though I grew up in a desert, I guess after 20 years you kind of forget what true desert living looks like – and feels like.  The realtor, an Indian woman who called me Ma’am, picked the kids and me up in her jeep and we went off in search of a home for us to rent.

We drove to Amwaj Islands, passing by the military base, naval ships and crossed over a large bridge donning two big Bahraini flags; coming over the crest of the bridge we saw that great expanse of sand bordering the light blue waters of the Arabian Gulf. I almost pinched myself, as it still feels surreal that we are actually here, and for me, back in the world of my childhood. We looked at houses on the Floating City whose backyards are canals and boat docks, and their walls white and floors shiny white marble.

Floating City

The kids, of course, reveled in racing around the empty houses and climbing the two, sometimes three flights of stairs to satisfy their mounting curiosities. Each house has live-in maid quarters the size of a matchbox – in human dimensions. One even had driver’s quarters.  A maid? A driver?

I had flashbacks to the driver we had when I was young and remembered how enthralled everyone was when we moved to the US that we had our own ‘personal chauffer’ – my realistic take on it? Having to wait around until the driver showed up because my mother couldn’t drive us to school, or to a friend’s house, or even to the nearby aquarium to buy a little turtle, the standard birthday present we bought for friends. It’s one thing to have a driver if you don’t feel like driving; it’s another when you are forbidden by law to drive. Fortunately, I can drive here, and we won’t be getting a driver!

The house the kids wanted? Well, take a look at the picture and you will see why……I don’t think we will take that one. Will keep you posted on the house that will become our home in the months to come.

House or zoo?

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  1. You have a third vote for the house with the mural! I am so glad you guys are doing well. Thanks for the updates!

  2. Hilarious!!!! I can’t believe you are not going to rent that place. I can almost hear the water rushing….

  3. The mural alone is daunting, I can imagine what the rest of the house looks like. What about the kitchen??? I do love the pool. All I can say is WOW!! would love to be there to help you house hunt.

  4. How exciting! I love that you are documenting and sharing your journey… I feel as if I’m there with you, in the heat, in the vacant homes. We miss you on this side of the world… the blog is helpful in knowing you are safe and happy. Can’t wait to see pics of the house that will become your new home. xo