A Room With An Interview

Just another quick video I put together last night:


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  1. Wow, Josh… I loved this. So precious. I miss you at Foothill! Give those beautiful kids a hug and tell Randa that I really enjoy reading her blog entries. Your family and your work is in my prayers. 🙂

  2. So very sweet! Loved hearing the kids voices and seeing their cute faces! Great video. Give them both big hugs for us. You guys are in our thoughts and prayers!

  3. Hey, love the videos. And I love that you wrote, “you just threw it together.” It is great to be able to see and read updates; I loved seeing Jason whoop it up while Cayden did his push ups. And I saw the video of your house. It is terrible, that unobstructed expanse of blue water. 🙂 Love it!

  4. I loved loved seeing those faces that I love. Cayden and Anya with the doorman are adorable; what a fortunate man and children to have each other as friends

  5. What a wonderful video! It was such a blessing to see the kids faces and hear their voices again. They have grown up so much! Anya is turning into a lovely young girl and Cayden is a handsome little man.
    We all miss the Dinkler family and hope you have a Merry Christmas in Bahrain.