A Toast To My Dad From Afar

Last July we had a family get together at my Dad’s work in Santa Paula, California, where we all enjoyed the scenery, the weather and a game or two of Bocci. Randa and I were completely oblivious to the fact that we would get a call from DoDEA a few weeks later. And just a few weeks later, we were gone. We made the decision to leave and we’ve had an incredible (and abundantly eventful) year, but it has not been easy to be away. My dad’s retirement party will be a huge celebration that many family and friends will attend on Saturday…but we will not be there. And this, too, is a part of our beautiful journey. This post may seem out of place on our blog at first, but in fact, it tells a story of another side of our journey here in the Middle East.

To give you a little background on the video, my father is the most committed and loyal family man I have ever met. How fitting that the scenery is the place where he has spent most of his waking hours, where he has given tirelessly and selflessly to make a company stronger and our family well cared for. The background tells where he has worked; the characters in the video (and I do mean characters) tell why.

With that I say congratulations to my dad as he retires. He has been the model of loyalty and honesty in my life. He has taught me to dream big and pursue my goals. He has always believed in me and encouraged me.  Now that I am a father, I am beginning to understand all the sacrifices that he made for us over the years. So Dad… thanks. You are an amazing father and example. May you retire from work, but never from life. This video is for you.


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  1. LOVE this video and how perfect is the song! What a beautiful family.So many great shots. Anya is so little!!!! I just love seeing your Dad play. How fun just to play. How natural?! So very cool. You all are something special. Stace