Journey to Jordan


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  1. Beautiful video, as always Josh. I really appreciate you posting these videos, so we can see the amazing places you are visiting, and feel like you’re not quite so far away. Your children will cherish these videos for years to come.

    Hugs from Heidi

  2. Thank you for sharing! Absolutely beautiful and so sacred, can’t wait to show Geoff and the kids. You all are beautiful:) Enjoy your journey! Love to all.

  3. You truly are on a Beautiful Journey! May God meet you and grant you wisdom, safety and great joy! Wonderful video….we miss you

  4. Josh,you made our Jordan look more and more beautiful with this gorgeous video.I need to refer your name to the Ministry of Tourism in Jordan :)))))

    PS- On your next visit,make sure you visit AQABA at the Red Sea and enjoy the amazing snorkling.

    God bless your precious family