I Am Always Yours

Happy Birthday Anya!

Who knew we would celebrate Anya’s 4th birthday in Bahrain? As every parent, we remember like it was yesterday that special day we first held her and accepted this precious gift from God into our family. Four years later, she continues to delight us with her constant curiosity and sassiness, musical and dancing talent, and her sensitive, loving spirit. We love you, Princess Anya.


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  1. Beautiful video for a beautiful daughter! Anya is so very blessed to have you two as parents. Happy Birthday, Anya!

  2. So beautifully done. We love and miss our little Anya and so wish we could have been there to celebrate 4 years of her amazing life. To have been there the day she entered this world still is a gift to me! Love you all

  3. This charming portrait made me hold my breath! Thank you so much for sharing it!

    Gretings to my beloved little family,


  4. I’m the biggest fan of your videos, your family and your approach to life, not to mention your strength of faith in Christ. You are a testament of the love that is available to the simple moments, we need only to embrace it and savor it. Thank you for sharing.

  5. So beautifully done for such a wonderful gorgeous little princess! I miss you all…lots of love to all four! Mieke

  6. I’m glad to have stumbled on this beautiful blog. Nice to catch up with your family. What a joy they are! Thanks for this visit with you across the world. Lots of love. -b