From Heaven to California

Anya, 4yrs: “Why does God live in heaven? I want to go to heaven, then let’s go to California.”

You know travel is getting into their blood when your kids think heaven is one more place on the map worth sticking a color coded push pin into.

However, I don’t think heaven will include the kind of driving we encounter here on a daily basis. Anya made this candidly poignant comment shortly after a mini-truck practically forced us off the side of the road by cutting over into our lane on a curve, slowing down, then proceeding to park on the other side of my lane – in the middle of moving traffic. There are many cool things about living here, but driving is not one of them. It continues to be the “thorn in our side”, but we have, for the most part, accepted it and have become much more vigilant drivers!

For those who wonder about the political climate here now and how we are faring in the midst of it, I can tell you that we have become accustomed to the “new normal”. However, once in a while it strikes me like a sudden bolt of lightening that driving through checkpoints with eagle-eyed, armed policemen is not “normal”. ¬†A couple times we have happened upon a burning of tires in the street, and we become conscious once again of the underlying turmoil that can erupt at any time. Where we live is peaceful and we love driving home to our house near the sea.

I continue to homeschool Anya which is a joy, and Cayden is doing great in first grade and has just started learning Tae Kwon Do. Josh remains busy and was ‘volunchosen’ to go to Italy for a conference. This kind of thing has not gotten old – trainings in Singapore and Italy? ¬†Awesome opportunities for those who love to travel. We marvel as we dream about travel plans for our breaks: Greece, Kenya, Israel, Thailand. Places that have always been on our bucket list, but never really in the realm of possibility for us.

Just today Anya asked if someone we had just talked to was from the Philippines, and I smiled inside at her growing knowledge of the world in which we live.

On another note before closing, Cayden is starting to get into letter writing and Anya “color writing”, so if anyone would like to send a note their way, we will make sure you get one in return! I take the kids to check the mail every day and they get wide-eyed and overjoyed when it has their name on it. If you would like a 4 and 6 year old ‘pen pal’ in the Middle East, let us know and we can give you our address. (And check at your post office because we are pretty sure you can mail a regular-sized letter to FPOs for free.)

Some pictures to end…….

A wonderful visit from Uncle Mark

Jiddou (my father) gave Cayden a fishing rod and he caught this his first time out! Josh and Cayden kayaked out to the jetty at sunrise to fish.
Guess who?
Anya's birthday celebration in Bahrain - my baby turned 4!
Happy with rocks at sunset


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