Time Flies

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  1. Just discovered your blog and my heart is warmed by how much I loved both of you individually and what a tremendous joy it is to see the two of you together and with two beautiful kids. It’s so cool to think back on my memories of college and fastforward to now and where God has taken you both. I’m so thrilled to see how God is shaping your path and how you are willing to risk the ride. Your videos are an amazing way to experience what your family is going through (they’re really good!) Thanks for being willing to share it this way!

  2. Wow! That was spectacular! What a loving memory for a special boy! Such a great thing for him (and you) to have. The ending was precious and says it all! Josh has a great eye! Perhaps a second career?

  3. Love this memory. Makes me miss you even more. Great job Josh! A testimony to a wonderful boy. I love you Cayden.

  4. Simply beautiful. Tanner and I were sitting here bawling our eyes out… you have such an amazing young man!