To Friends, Near and Far

We took the plunge into the dolce vita and left Bahrain for Italy almost two years ago, and then decided just one year ago that it was best for our family to be back in Bahrain. Crazy, I know. Who would leave Bahrain for Italy? Everyone. Who would leave Italy for Bahrain? The Dinklers. I’ll save that story for another post by one of us. As exciting as two moves in as many years may seem (pass the Tylenol), it has been hard. Sweet and sour, for sure. We love being back here as Bahrain is a great fit for us in this chapter of life. The challenge comes when we part with solid friends (from any chapter of this journey for that matter: Ventura, Bahrain, Italy, or wherever).

Last week, my good friend and former colleague from Vicenza came through to support Bahrain School.┬áHe was only here for a couple of days, but it was great to reconnect with him in person (next time bring the whole family, Ryan). Awesome to see him. Not so awesome to see him go. Friends are cool. So…

Here’s to friends near and far! I am so thankful for your investment in my life. Thanks for walking with me, wherever it was that we spent time together in this journey.


See a familiar face from the Carnevale picture above?
See a familiar face from the Carnevale picture above?
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