Waves that Come and Go: 9 months in Italy

Writing helps take the spotlight off of the nagging, distracting, endless flow of thoughts that seem to have nowhere to go until they are put out in the open, down on paper. Once there, the mad swirling stops, the boundaries become less blurred, and the picture emerges clearer. When my mind is on overdrive, and my kaleidoscopic emotions fail to stabilize, before I process out loud, I write, in my head. I mentally pen then scratch out then pen again until I find the right word, the right phrase, that adequately captures a thought and reigns it in. The last step of this purging process is to pen it on paper – or on my computer (who uses paper anymore?) I suppose it’s the same concept as writing lists – once on paper, you can move forward with a plan and your energies are more constructively spent.

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